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Hi, my name is Birutė, I live and create in Vilnius, Lithuania. I always thought that my mission was to create beauty. That was the reason I dedicated myself to fashion and interior design. It took me awhile until I discovered clay. I started to study ceramics in 2018. For me clay is very liberating material.
My inspiration is coming from nature. I like to see how moss is growing in the city, you can find them on concrete stairs, roofs, sidewalks. Nature seems to be trying to soften our sharp shape concrete cities.
Often, the clay itself dictates the shape to me. Before starting to work, I decide to listen to it and so a harmonious piece is born.
Matte surface and organic form reminds me natural materials like stone, sea polished wood, sand dunes and I think that all of God's creation is my greatest inspiration.
I would love to think that while a person is looking at my work, he is resting his eyes and mind.



Tel: +37062566082

Vilnius, Lithuania 


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